US FIRST B-21 Raider Frightening The Whole World

The US and China are engaged in a competition for b0mbers. After seven years of development, the first B-21 Raider has been unveiled, which would put the US ahead of the competition. For China, though, the game is far from done. China is developing a brand-new b0mber with similar flying wing technology to the US’s B-2 Spirit. The Xian H-20 is the name of this brand-new Chinese b0mber.

This is only another testament to how well China has managed to stay side-by-side with the US in the bomber space despite the US having 25 years of bomber dominance through the 2-billion-dollar B-2 Spirit. However, even during this time of B-2 dominance, China developed its most advanced bomber yet in an attempt to stand its ground against the B-2. This b0mber is now known as the H-6, developed from Russia’s Tu-16 Badger. This latest staredown between the two b0mbers began when eight B-2s took an elephant walk at the culmination of the recent Spirit Vigilance 22 training exercise in November.
China, unwilling to ignore a staredown launched an elephant walk of its own involving eight H-6 b0mbers. That was the latest move in the b0mber race between the world powers until the unveiling at the Northrop Grumman facility that introduced the world to America’s most lethal bomber – the $630 million B-21 Raider.
Watch video below:

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