US Patriot Has SHOT DOWN Up-to-the-minute Russian Fighter Jet in Ukraine

The MIM-104A Patriot defense system was moved to Ukraine and assigned to the eastern battle unit, where it instantly shot down the newest Russian fighter!

We won’t go into details about where and when this event took place, so as not to declassify the information, but we do know that the Patriot was 100% successful! This news really helped the enemy understand what air defense systems are capable of!
The artillery is one of the staple backbones. The Infantry doesn’t have rounds to protect them down there then they just get annihilated. After time, there’s only so much they can do and what we provide is that rear support that geographically the situation with the downed fighter occurred in the donbass region with a firing range of 50 miles. The Patriot had been placed on the territory controlled by Ukraine.
Watch video below:

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