Video: China’s Worst Nightmare – Japan’s Godzilla F-X Stealth Fighter

Going back to World War 2, Japan has been reluctant to arm itself in any significant way, and its Air Force is particularly outdated compared to modern military standards.
As China and Russia unveil new generations of powerful fighter planes, the Island nation is now scrambling to modernize its own warplanes, not wanting to leave the future of their people in the hands of foreign allies. For Japan, the obvious choice was to buy 5th generation Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptors, the influential US fighter more than capable of facing its Russian and Chinese counterparts. But after the US banned exports of its groundbreaking fighter to protect its technology, Japan was left without options.
Thus, in an unprecedented move, the Asian nation decided to develop its first 6th generation warplane. The ambitious scheme has innumerable obstacles to overcome. But if it succeeds, it will not only deliver a state-of-the-art warplane like the world has not seen before, but it will also launch Japan right into the global armament industry…
Please watch video below:

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