Watch: Raiding & Rescuing Hundreds of Dogs in Dog Markets by Humane Society on The Rescuers DNA

In this post we will tell you the journey of rescueing hundreds dogs from the dogs market. Let’s come with us!

“It’s very bittersweet, my very first dog met farm about two years ago. I ended up adopting one of the dogs, a little chihuahua that I named Kino. When I came first came to this farm, he really stole my heart and it broke me to leave him behind.”

“This is Pinot, every time I come up to his cage, he bounces forward and still wants and seeks that attention so I think he naturally knows that. It’s something that he’s missing and something that he really wants.”

Watch the video courtesy of the Humane Society International – uncovering and rescuing meat trade dogs 100 dogs at a time as below:

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