What happened to the dog which was breathless in the scorching sun…

In our lives, there are still a lot of poor animals who have irresponsible owners. Today we will tell you story of Hope, an abandoned dog was rescued in time. I met poor Hope. His hip was broken from falling down the stairs and he ended up being left on the street. Not wanting to cure him, the owner wanted to give him life goodbye. He left me lying in the middle of the hot road. He lay there for a long time and cried when he learned that he was saved.


His situation is fragile and he is being cared for 24 hours a day at the veterinary hospital. An impressive breakthrough for the tall guy close to death. He was no longer in pain from the muscular dilation, he was slowly recovering even though he could not stand up at that moment. Everyday he was taken outside to sunbathe.

Don’t be afraid of effort, be patient and most importantly, trust and love! We will continue to do our best for his life. Then he will not have any memory of this painful and grim past. The first time I saw Hope get up and walk. We both had great emotions, we ended up being successful! Hope came back to the hospital that day for a checkup.

He’s still malnourished. We also found that he was barely visible due to cataracts. Recovery slows down due to his age but the vet was unable to know why he is unable to recover.
his bone is broken
his bone is broken

Helping animals in need can be an incredibly rewarding experience, sometimes meaning the difference between life and death for an abandoned, abused, or homeless animal. There are countless animals in need no matter where you live, and many ways you can help. From fundraising for animal charities to helping endangered species, we can each make a difference. Please watch video below for full process of helping this poor dog:

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