What Happens Inside Gigantic US Nuclear Submarines Deep Underwater

Submarines can practically be spacious and massive with some like the Ohio class measuring nearly two football fields long and standing seven stories tall and a width equivalent to a three-lane highway.

With the introduction of the submarine, a unique class of ships was sailing and by the eve of World War One, Holland and Holland inspired vessels were a part of the large naval fleets worldwide from experimental beginnings testing and training of Naval Personnel to essential assets submarines revolutionized Naval Warfare.

The submarine houses hundreds of personnel in a steel tube for months at a time and the work is focused on several different areas and activities.

The control room the underwater equivalent of a surface ship’s bridge is the brain where all the decisions are made and passed to the crew. There’s a coning tower which is a small watertight structure above the control room from which the commanding officer would command the submarine during submerged attacks.

 After decades of existence, US nuclear submarines still dominate the sea today. To discover more, watch video below:

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