When her “human angel” came to save her from the slaughterhouse, the little dog waited at the airport.

The demand for dog meat is high in China. Even in jurisdictions where it is now illegal, backyard growers and butchers persist. Dogs are kept in deplorable circumstances. Slaughterhouse Survivors and similar groups are doing great work to preserve canine lives.

Pearl’s missing limb and severe mange led to her discovery on a meat truck. The small child was in dire need of care and compassion, as well as extensive medical treatment. Pearl’s rescuers were doubtful that she would make it, but they held out hope.

To everyone’s surprise, Pearl survived. Her determination and tenacity inspired the dogs around her as well! Pearl was prepared to board a plane to America two months after getting off the meat truck to meet her new foster mother. Her transportation was handled by Road Dogs and Rescue.

Leah, Pearl’s foster mother, was delighted to welcome Pearl at the airport. It took no time for them to bond. Next, Pearl was prepared to meet her foster siblings.

They welcomed her with open arms. Dogs simply understand it! Leah observed Pearl’s mobility issues when they were getting to know one another, and Pearl was able to play a little. Being able to use three legs put a strain on her hips, which weren’t in fantastic shape.

Application reviews for adoption came next. Ashley’s application stood out. She is a compassionate woman who works as a vet. To get Pearl from California back to the east coast, a volunteer offered their services. Leah felt Pearl was prepared to meet her new, forever mother, so saying goodbye was heartbreaking.

A road trip with Pearl and two other dogs got off to a fast start. Because she is such a peaceful, laid-back dog, she readily accepted the long vehicle trips and their stays in hotel rooms with her new companions.

A few days later, they landed in Allentown, Pennsylvania, at Cheryl’s house. To greet her new addition, Ashley traveled by car from New York.
Pearl was unaware of how eager everyone was for her to start a new life. She would, however, soon learn! Pearl is a “beautiful creature,” according to Cheryl in the video embedded below, and she deserves to live the greatest life possible. Yes, she does!

When Ashley finally got to take Pearl in her arms at Cheryl’s house, it seemed like they had always been a family. She needed to be put in the car and driven back to New York at this point.

It’s time for Pearl to settle down in her forever home and begin a new chapter of her life. Pearl has undoubtedly traveled the world to the best of her ability.

Once they got to the flat, Ashley gave Pearl some time to settle down. She then revealed Janet, Pearl’s newest sibling. The two dogs made their customary sniffing and greeting noises. After their meeting, Pearl jumped right in. She even recognized which bed belonged to her and slept soundly.

Ashley wants to put Pearl in rehab and see whether a prosthetic leg would make it easier for her to move about. It’s amazing how this small dog, who was being used as food, moved from being on the verge of death to halfway around the world, living her best life.

These kinds of stories serve as a reminder that animals are real soldiers. The video down below shows Pearl’s entire adoption adventure!

Watch video as below:

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