When opening the door, this puppy rushed in and hide under the stairs calling for help!

Every one of us has the power to improve the lives of animals in our daily lives, whether it be through pet adoption, product selection that isn’t tested on animals, eating a humane diet, or community involvement in animal protection concerns. It takes all of our combined efforts to address the numerous prevalent issues that animals face in order to make things better.

One of our regular donors was at work and he heard a knocking on the office outside door. There was a scrawny little dog trying to get in out of the rain, As soon as he opened the door, the dog rushed in and hid under the stairs. He called us and we came right away.
The poor thing was so thin, and hairless because of mange, we didnt think she would make it. But she did.
By treating animals well, we can fight poverty, end hunger, boost public health, combat climate change, and preserve our planet’s biodiversity. Please watch video below and share with your friends and your family:

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