Why Animals Keep Walking In Circles! THEY PLAYED WITH YOUR MIND!

There are a lot of things that we cannot use science to explain in our lives. How can it be possible for animals to walk in a circle for more than 3 weeks without feeding, drinking water or resting? Undoubtedly, we are facing an inexplicable phenomenon for science?

In a humble village in China, a sheep breeder begins to see a strange behavior in his animals. That is why he begins to record and evidence what is happening on his property. Currently these sheep have been walking in circles for more than 4 weeks without stopping for a single moment. This is something that has many people worried.
Animals all over the world doing the exact same thing. Turning in circles for days and even weeks, with no apparent cause or logic. Drastic changes in behavior and shocking images that could leave many of us worried.
Fish swim in a circle
Fish swim in a circle
Did you know that one of the mysterious facts of this situation is that while the animals walk in circles there are other animals which are in the center without eating, drinking water or moving for days and absolutely nothing happens to them?
Many say it could be signs or warnings of some kind. Others say it could even be a ritual of some cult or sect.
“And it’s the same direction of the rotation of the planet. Attempting to sync themselves. Highly anxious if they don’t eat or drink. They feel something is about to happen.”- One spectator comment after watching video
How do you think about this phenomenon? Watch video below to see clearly:

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