Why Sofia Andres unfollowed Daniel Miranda on Instagram? Is it a signal of seperation?

The actress Sofia Andres and her partner Daniel Miranda are the subject of debate right now.

The actor appears to have stopped following the father of her daughter, Zoe, according to online users.

Daniel also shared a picture of himself and Zoe as a Christmas greeting to the public, but the actress was conspicuously missing from the picture, which piqued the interest of the internet community even more.

Meanwhile, when we checked the actress’s IG account, she shared only Zoe sitting on the floor with a big Christmas tree and gifts behind her and in the last photo the two of them are together.

That’s why the people of the public, are Sofia and Daniel really going through something? Is their relationship really on the rocks?

Despite this, many netizens still hope that the two just met and that everything will be fine between them, especially since they have a child.

BANDERA is open for the statement and clarification of Sofia and Daniel regarding this issue.

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