Without being rescueing immediately, this severe wound can end up this poor puppy’s life

A caring neighbor not only called Animal Aid to report this injured dog but he stayed with him until our ambulance came, making sure he wouldn’t run away. While pain would have made any dog snappy, this sweetheart was easy to rescue and went right into the ambulance without a fuss.

His wound was even worse than it first appeared and it was clear that the infection would have spread and he wouldn’t have survived many more days without treatment. He didn’t like his wound-dressing at first, understandably, but within a few days he seemed to know that they were helping him get better.
“Imagine losing your entire scalp and having to walk around with the infected wound for who knows how long. So happy to see him well and fully healed.”- An audience comments

Kindness is a catalyst for the type of genuine, positive change that slowly, but surely lays the groundwork for a better, brighter, and more beautiful future so long as kindness continues to be released into the world. Big thanks to those people rescueing these poor animals.

the severe wound
the severe wound
Today, human kindness is needed more than ever. We should all make an effort to not let our busy lives get in the way of altruistic behaviour and to reconnect with the innate gift of human kindness that lies within each one of us. Watch video below:

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