Without the assistance from these kind strangers, a man had to sell his car to save his beloved puppy

Randy had no notion that he would soon have to fight for the life of a pet when his dog seemed drowsy and sluggish. Soon later, the dog began to vomit, and the owner took him to the veterinarian, who was unable to determine what was wrong with him.

Randy rushed from doctor to doctor in the hopes that someone would be able to diagnose Gemini’s illness, but no one knew what was wrong with him. It took a lot of time to care for the dogs and go to the hospital on a regular basis, and Randy eventually lost his work as a result.
Finally, the cause was discovered: a foreign object was lodged in the dog’s intestines, which turned out to be a piece of a plastic bottle that Gemini liked to play with. The surgery that would help the dog required $4500. Randy didn’t have that type of money, but he couldn’t bear the thought of watching his best buddy die.

The man wrote on Facebook about Gemini’s predicament and claimed he was willing to sell his automobile to help the puppy. He didn’t have to, however. Users who had been moved by Randy’s story offered to assist.

One of the man’s buddies first offered him a loan of $2,000, which he accepted. Then a charity organization stepped in.

They were able to raise an additional $3,000 for the dog with their assistance. The operation went well and had no negative effects on his health. He’s back at home with his adoring owner Randy, who never stops thanking the kind people who helped his closest friend live. Watch other video as below:

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