Woman Adopted An Old Dog Then Got Surprise When Finding Out His Real Age

This is story of a dog, he didn’t want to lift his head up or eat after getting passed over time and time again for the younger dogs and it was heartbreaking.

At the shelter because of the white in his face, they thought he was about nine or ten so they thought he was a senior which is why I guess nobody really wanted him and he stopped just living. He needed to get out of there as soon as possible. According to them being a senior, he probably would have not had as much time there as some of the younger dogs.

I got to meet him and introduce him to our other dog Cali they got along great and the rest is history.

It turns out he was only about five years old when we got him. I’m guessing that he was a backyard dog, he doesn’t really know how to be a dog.

Unfortunately he doesn’t understand some of the normal things that I think a dog that lived inside of a house would understand.
Watch video below:

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