Woman raised this bird when it was a baby. Now it is 50 years old.

Today we will tell you story about Grumpy, a 50-year-old bird that barks like a dog. This bird was brought up by a woman when it was a baby bird until now.

The breeder was using grumpy as a breeder bird and he was getting rid of all his Birds. “When I came to visit my parents house, I saw this terrified bird in a small cage. I told my husband that I would like to have that bird. He can’t live a life like that”.

I got him in the late 1980s, we didn’t have internet so all the information that I got was some bird talk magazine, he was scared.

Every day I worked with him. I would open up his cage and I would stand at the back of his cage. I would hold up an apple in front of him.

Gradually he became used to me and he knew that I was not gonna hurt him. He would eat dinner at the kitchen table with my husband and myself, we would watch TV together. Please watch video below:

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