Wow! Juliana Gomez’s Boyfriend Make Her Feel “Astonishing” After Getting One More Fencing Victory In Indonesia

Juliana Gomez is frequently in the news for her fencing accomplishments; her most recent one was another gold medal in an Indonesian competition! She is now showcasing the incredible support she receives from her non-showbiz boyfriend Miggy Bautista, in addition to the support she already receives from her famous parents Richard Gomez and Lucy Torrres, who are known for being their unica hija. Happy girl!

She posted pictures of the young man’s “romantic” surprise for her on Instagram. She included two pictures showing a sunflower basket with the wonderful message, “Welcome home, champ,” along with the words, “Best welcome home.” Kilig!

While the lovebirds have kept their relationship quite low-key, they share a lot of swoon-worthy moments—including the fact that Miggy is also a fencer, and they even train together!

In an interview, Juliana revealed that there wasn’t really any *formal introduction* that happened between her parents and boyfriend, but they like him, nonetheless. She shared, “My parents are actually very relaxed about it because ahm, wala, like they always see him around. And we both fence.”

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