Wow, Xian Lim Just Sufficed The Ice Skating Examination “For The First Time” In His Life

Hyeon-rim just adds another feather to his hat. In addition to being an actor and director, Xian is now a qualified skater! Xian, who has been taking four months of skating lessons with his coach, Ronan Capili, shares the struggles he goes through when learning a new sport. Xian admits in his Instagram Reel that learning a new sport is not easy at his age, but with his perseverance and support, he continues to persevere.

Salty wrote in the caption of his post, “Finally able to do the pre-alpha delta test (I’m always nervous about doing it). Skating is pure bliss.” “When I see other skaters with years of experience, the first reaction is, ‘Wow, there’s no way I’m going to learn this.’ But to want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. ,” Xi’an wrote.

Xian dedicated the last part of his message to his coach and added, “Salamat ng marami for the patience and the enthusiasm to teach me coach @47ronan. To more countless hours on ice. (At sa pakikiusap sa students mo to have their slot.)”

In several of his earlier Instagram posts, Xian documented what it was like getting his first ice skates and practicing some of his dance moves on the rink.

Among those who congratulated Xian on his new achievement were Rita Avila, Bela Padilla, and his mom, Maryanne, who wrote, “Huge congrats, Xian! Skating
becomes YOU!”

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