Xander Ford dad said to his son: “No matter what they say I’ll be proud of you!”

A contentious social media personality Marlou Arizala, also known as Xander Ford, has become a FATHER.

His girlfriend, Gena Mago, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Thursday, December 29.Xander shared the happy news and the arrival of the biggest blessing in his life on his Facebook page.

Attached is their first family picture, this is Xander’s caption, “SON HAPPY GIVE BIRTH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY WHEN I’M PROUD OF YOU.

“AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE GOOD I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU BOTH OF YOUR MOMMY Gena Mago,” message of the internet sensation.

In addition, he also uploaded a mini vlog where you can watch Gena’s preparation for giving birth until she actually gives birth.

The video shows how happy Xander was when he finally got to see his son, whom they named Xeres Isaiah.

Gena also posted on Facebook a photo of her son and Xander and thanked them for the wonderful blessing that came to their family.

“LORD THANK YOU FOR THE TWO GRACES YOU GIVEN,” Gena’s message in her Facebook post.

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