Young girl adopted a boy, but when seeing a mole, immediately she ran to take him back

Luba had a great job, and her management appreciated her. She was always ready to take on extra tasks because she avoided sad thoughts with all her might. She was 29 years old, and the child she and her husband dreamed of had never been born.
The Grieva family seemed perfect, Luba and Yura were indeed successful. They had met while still at school and have not parted for long. Since then, they did not need to be persistent. They knew for sure that they could achieve everything through their efforts and hard work. After their studies, the young people set off together for the capital. At first, they rented cheap accommodation a few years passed and they accumulated a small sum of money. Then they sold the flats they had inherited from their parents and were able to buy the house in the suburbs, something they had always dreamed of.
Her husband loved his wife just as he had loved her many years before when they had first started dating. However, he did not always notice that she was sad. Luba tried to hide her worries from him. There was no need to upset, Yura too. It was enough that she herself constantly thought about the pregnancy which never came. The couple had been trying to have children for years but nothing worked. They went to a fertility clinic where they were offered the option of IVF.
“When you do good for others God will always bless you”- One person after watching video comments.
The doctors said that the procedure was safe but the woman felt uncomfortable about it. She told her husband about her fears and he agreed with her. It was not worth taking such a serious step if there were any doubts.
Coincidences so happen in life and what goes around does come around. Please be kind with everyone and sure the good things will come to you. Please watch video below for the whole story:

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